Healthy kidneys = healthy life!

There are a few simple things that you can do to keep your kidneys healthy: kidney6– Drink plenty of water: Your body needs water to flush out toxins and properly digest all the waste, without it your kidneys will struggle.

– Be salt free: Salt intake can lead to high blood pressure which in turn damages the kidneys and stops them from being able to function properly.

– Low protein diet: High red meat intake and protein intake can damage the functioning of your kidneys because protein metabolism puts heavy pressure on your kidneys.

– Dairy products: Just like protein and meat, dairy is a difficult food group to metabolise, make it easy for the kidneys and stick to natural food groups.

– Caffeine: From coffee to energy drinks, caffeine can be bad for the kidneys because it’s a stimulant which means it increases the blood flow, leading to high blood pressure.

The summary for this is that it’s best to stick with the natural food groups, fruit and vegetables for the win!


3 thoughts on “Healthy kidneys = healthy life!

  1. These are important tips you have pointed out about in keeping your kidney’s healthy. Your points are also very useful for cancer patients undergoing treatment. Definitely will be telling about this 🙂

  2. A great campaign and a great post – simple, actionable tips to lead a healthier life! I had no idea that dairy products and red meats could potentially have an adverse affect on my kidneys. Do you have any pointers for tackling a decrease of these very common food items/groups? Thanks! – Maya

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